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This is my personal website - If you are looking for my nature notes click the 'My Nature' menu link above. Thanks!

This is my personal website which I run for my own benefit to keep my various interests in one place and easy for me to access where ever I am and by various devices; computer, phone, TV, etc. You are, of course, welcome to browse any of the public functions if there is anything that might interest you. The public functions are:

  • My Nature: 
    This links to my nature notes, a series of short articles about specific nature species and about wildlife hot spots in Dorset. This is part of my Nature of Dorset website where there is lots of detailed information about species, places and habitats.
  • My Dorset:
    Some of my favourites places in Dorset; what to expect, how to get there and other bits and pieces. This is aimed at visitors to Dorset looking for places to visit.
  • My Dining:
    Some of our favourite places in Dorset to eat out at, how to get there and what it is like. This is aimed at visitors to Dorset looking for places for lunch or dinner.
  • My History:
    Here I reveal the remarkable story of the 'Orchard' family and explain how we are not really Orchard's at all!
  • My Bowls:
    I love playing short mat bowls; I am not as good as I was twenty years ago which can be frustrating at times! This option provides link to Wareham Short Mat Bowls Club of which I am currently the Chair.
  • My Diary:
    A blog about what we do and where we go (starting from the 1st February 2018). Not everything on this site will be of interest to casual visitors to the site!
  • My Music:
    Some of the LPs from my earlier years that I have recorded onto disk so that I can listen again and relive those days
  • My Video:
    Our personal photograph collection formed into video driven slideshows primariliy for our own use.



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