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  • Wareham SMBC Committee Meeting 5-Feb-18

    Published Date: 
    Monday, 5 February, 2018
    1. The financial position of the Club is much improved following the changes made at last year's AGM together with increased membership numbers, high session attendance levels and various cost reductions.

    2. This year's AGM will be on Tuesdy 10th April at 2.00pm

    3. With attendances on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at an all time high we will shortly start a Monday afternoon session to hopefully spread the load!

    4. With so many new members we will implement a programme of membership development starting with a shopping trip to a bowls equipment supplier and, hopefully, an 'improvers session' run by a qualified coach.

    5. We hope to re-launch the second league team for next season and will start preparations for that in May. We also intend to get some uniform shirts for the teams for next season

  • Jigsaw: Time and Tide

    Published Date: 
    Sunday, 4 February, 2018
    Title Time and Tide
    Manufacturer House of Puzzles
    No of Pieces 1000
    Time 7 Days
    Difficulty Moderate

    We were taken with the lovely colours in this picture rather than the subject matter. It is hard to describe and I hope the photograph does it justice. We thought it was going to be difficult but it turned out to be much the same as many in this range - hard enough to keep you interested but not too diffiucult to make you feel like giving up!


  • Paying the bill ...

    Published Date: 
    Thursday, 1 February, 2018

    This morning, 9.00am, we are looking out of the window at a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. There is nothing in the diary, a chance for an 'away day'! After a short deliberation and review of the options we decide that we are overdue a visit to Portland, a favourite place of ours. Jobs are done quickly, necessary possessions gathered together, appropriate dress in place and we are on our way. By 11.10 we are in the car park at Portland Bill, still a blue sky and sunshine. 

    I need to buy a P&D ticket so I push the car door open and it comes back on me. I try again, same result. Another try and another and eventually I have push hard until it locks open and then the full force of freezing cold northerly wind hit me. Well, we were on Portland! Undeterred we donned our coats and walking boots but given the apparently lovely weather back home we had not come really prepared for the onslaught.

    We made our way down to obelisk at the bill and stood there marvelling at the sunshine glistening silver on the water and at the heavy seas just of shore in the 'races'. Then, into the wind along the rocky coast, tears streaming from our eyes in the cold wind. Bravely we struggled on, across the fields towards The Pulpit Inn but it was just getting too much for this pair of not so young adventurers. We had only been out for 30 minutes and already we had had enough. Turning south we headed back past the beach huts to the Lobster Pot for respite from the wind and for lunch. Happily, there were no coach parties in today and we got a table by the window and watched the sea and passing gulls from there ... much more suitable for the likes of us!

    Lunch over, back to the car and homeward bound! Bye Portland, see you again in the spring when the wild flowers are out and its warmer.

    As an aside, I have to say the Lobster Pot doesn't look much, just a wooden shack really, but it is very nicely done and in our opinion the cod and chips is as good as you will find anywhere in Dorset.


  • New Directions

    Published Date: 
    Wednesday, 31 January, 2018

    Since we moved to Dorset in the summer of 2006 the Nature of Dorset has been my overriding interest. It has provided me with hours of immeasurable pleasure as I have explored the nature reserves and wildlife hot spots of Dorset recording the animals and plants seen and accumulating thousands of photographs. The website has provided me technical interest, after all I spent many years in the 'information technology' business (it was data processing in my day), and many hours of satisfaction in winter as I pass the cold, dark days adding new features and more data. Now, however, circumstances are very different and I can no longer do the things I used to do. Other demands on my time coupled with advancing years mean that roaming nature reserves on my own for a few hours is just not possible and, in any event, is not wise. 

    I fully intend to keep the Nature of Dorset project running but my contribution will, in future, be somewhat reduced and I am making some changes to what I do. I have started to build my own website which will feature things like my family history, my short mat bowling, and other bits and piece. It is not intended to be of any interest to others but a central place of reference for my own use, although others may find aspects of it interesting once it is complete. Linked to this I am changing the way I use Facebook which in the past has had a completely Nature of Dorset focus. I am turning my home page into a diary for Ann to follow and to look back at what we have done and where we have been; this is an important part of helping with her health problems.

    This new use of my timeline may not suit all of my Facebook friends, many of whom have possibly followed it for my nature notes in the past and I will quite understand those who want to stop following it by 'unfriending' me! I am keeping my Nature of Dorset page going and it will continue to feature the best photographs and news from lots of people who are interested in the nature of Dorset and so, if you do not do so already, you may want to switch to following that instead. The Nature of Dorset group for other people to put up their wildlife photographs will continue as well.

    So I hope you will all understand and I will understand if I end up with only one Facebook friend; my best friend, Ann!






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