Orchard Family Photographs

To finish, here are some old photographs I inherited from my father and from my aunt, Helen, together with some more recent photographs I have taken to supplement them. They show places associated with the family and some of the Orchard's children, my father, my aunts and uncles.

Photographs: Orchard Family History

Click on any photograph to see the original.

The cottage in Ashlett where my grandparents lived for many, many years and where they raised their family. It was a semi dettached cottage they had the right hand side! My grandfather and grandmother are standing outside.

The 'creek' at Ashlett. Once deep and wide enough to take quite large vessels at its quay but by 1955 it was well silted up and accessible only by rowing boats and small yachts.

My grandparents home for many years and where my father was born abd raised.


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