Part 6: The Ormans of Exbury

While the Musselwhite drama was unfolding in London life around Fawley and the Waterside carried on much as it had done for a hundred years. In particular the Orman and Bunday families were scratching a living in the nearby hamlets of Exbury, Langley and Blackfield. Using the footpaths the distance between Exbury and Ashlett was under four miles and to people without cars and bicycles that was no distance at all to walk, they could do it in less than an hour and a half.

It was back in 1835 that Samuel Orman married Mary Jones in Exbury. Mary Jones, born 1817, was the “illegitimate” daughter of a Fanny Jones about who we know absolutely nothing at all! Samuel and Mary had a son in 1841 who they named Moses. They already had two older children, James and Hannah. The 1841 census records that they were living in Exbury but there is no specific address given. Samuel Orman was a brickyard labourer so bricks were being made somewhere in the Exbury district.

By 1851 Samuel and Mary had four further children and were still living in Exbury. James, their eldest son, now just 15 but was working in the brickyard with his father whilst Moses, only 10, was a plough boy. Samuel and Mary were to have eight children in all. Both Samuel and Mary died in 1887, Samuel was 77 and Mary 72.

In 1860, at the age of 19, Moses Orman married Eliza Read. Eliza was the daughter of James Read and Sarah (nee Bracher) who lived at Harford Heath near Beaulieu and James Read was a sawyer, an obvious occupation from a man of the forest! Once married Moses and Eliza then lived in Exbury where Moses was working in the same brickyard as his father. They had a baby boy who was born in 1861; the boy was named George.

By 1871 Moses and Eliza Orman had moved to West Common, Langley and still had just the one child, George. George Orman joined the navy and was at sea when the 1881 census was taken, he was then aged 21. George came home from sea and married Annie Bundy in 1889 and they lived in Blackfield and then in 1890 their first daughter was born, Beatrice Orman. Eliza died in 1894, just 55 years old. Samuel died in 1919 aged 79.

The Bundy’s lived in Frost Lane, Fawley. Annie’s father was a general labourer and his wife, Elizabeth was the sister of Sarah Read, an aunt of Eliza who had married Moses Orman. So the families were obviously very close.

By 1901 George and Annie Orman had moved to Fernliegh Cottage at West Common. They had seven children living with them but the eldest, Beatrice, was not there. George Orman died in 1930 aged 69 but Annie lived until 1957 when she died at the age of 88. Their eldest daughter, Beatrice, married Charles Edward Orchard in October 1910 In All Saints, Fawley. Yes, Beatrice Orman was, of course, Pop’s wife and our grandmother. Beatrice moved into the Ashlett cottage with Charles and Grannie Musselwhite.  


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These are the people mentioned in the above story. Click the name of any person you want to know more about:

Name (Click to see details) Date of Birth Parents Date of Marriage Spouse Child Date of Death
Read, James Sun, 04/09/1808 Fri, 05/11/1830 Bracher, Sarah Read, Eliza Fri, 01/10/1875
Bracher, Sarah Mon, 08/04/1811 Fri, 05/11/1830 Read, James Read, Eliza Fri, 01/01/1892
Orman, Samuel Fri, 07/08/1812 Tue, 07/07/1835 Jones, Mary Orman, Moses Fri, 01/07/1887
Jones, Mary Sun, 07/09/1817 Tue, 07/07/1835 Orman, Samuel Orman, Moses Fri, 01/04/1887
Read, Eliza Tue, 01/01/1839 Mon, 05/11/1860 Orman, Moses Orman, George Sun, 01/04/1888
Orman, Moses Fri, 01/01/1841 Mon, 05/11/1860 Read, Eliza Orman, George Mon, 01/12/1919
Orman, George Tue, 01/01/1861 Mon, 01/04/1889 Bundy, Annie Orman, Beatrice Sun, 01/06/1930
Bundy, Annie Wed, 14/04/1869 Mon, 01/04/1889 Orman, George Orman, Beatrice Wed, 12/06/1957
Orchard, Charles Sat, 22/10/1887 Sat, 01/01/1910 Orman, Beatrice Wed, 09/02/1972
Orman, Beatrice Mon, 19/08/1889 Sat, 01/01/1910 Orchard, Charles Wed, 02/10/1963


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