• Purpose:

    This website is, first and foremost, a home for my records, photographs and other information gathered during my hobby of visiting and recording wildlife at various sites of interest to me. As such, the site is intended for my own use but I make it freely available to others to use where it is of benefit to them. I must emphasise that I am an enthusiastic amateur  "naturalist" and not a conservation professional and so I do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information and data provided and users should bear that in mind


    The main focus of my interest is one of ecology and habitat. I am interested in how geology influences vegetation, how vegetation attracts certain invertebrates and how the availability of invertebrates and fruits/seeds of plants provides food for mammals, reptiles and birds. With this in mind the site is probably of more value to those with an interest in plants and insects than to bird watchers who may be looking for the best bird watching sites!  The site is mainly focused on my home county of Dorset and so may interest visitors to the county.


    Whilst I obviously retain ownership fo the website and its content I am more than happy for others to use the data for educational purposes; this may be for their own education (eg as part of a thesis or college project) or for the education of others. There is no need to seek permission to do this although the source of the data should be acknowledged. The content may not, of course, be used by others for their own financial gain. 


    There is no means to contact me via this website however I can be contracted by private message on Twitter or Facebook.