In my 40+ years of nature watching many knowledgeable people have help me along the way and in these informal 'courses' I try to share some of that with anyone else who has an interest in wildlife and the natural world.
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UNDERSTANDING HABITATS: An Elementary Guide to habitats:

  • What habitat is and how it is formed
  • The influences that affect the development of a habitat
  • An look at the types of habitat and their classification


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  • How geography, geology and human history has shaped Wareham Common as a natural environment
  • Why Wareham Common is designated as a SSSI and what natural interest is there on the Common
  • What factors are having a detrimental affect on the Common and what are the prospects for the future


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REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS: Getting started ...:

  • Three species of snakes
  • Four species of lizard
  • Six species of amphibian