Bindon Hill

Beautiful views with beautiful flowers and beautiful butterflies but is best visited on beautiful days!


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Bindon Hill

Bindon Hill: the chalkhill blues -

Bindon Hill marks the western end of the mainly chalk Purbeck Ridge which extends eastward through Corfe Castle and on to Ballard Down near Swanage. Bindon Hill towers over Lulworth Cove and once you get to the top of the hill you get wonderful views of the fantastic Purbeck coastline as well as the famous Cove itself. No matter what time of year, Bindon Hill is worth the climb although you can be pretty exposed to winter winds!

From a nature perspective Bindon is notable for its butterflies. It is home to number of scarce species and many of these can be seen in late summer. It is best known for the Lulworth skipper, its very own butterfly, although so far I have not managed to find one here! In addition the stunning and nationally scarce Adonis blue is common here along with the nationally declining beautiful chalkhill blue which is still present here. Add in the wall (brown) which has also declined nationally in recent years, grayling and brown argus and you have a cocktail for an excellent days butterfly watching if you visit at the end of August or early September.

Bindon Hill has its fair share of other naturalist's delights too but it is the butterflies and the views that make it special.  

Bindon Hill

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This table indicates how many species of each of five interest levels there are on this site. 100% are highly interesting species whereas 20% are common species that are of no specific interest. Click/tap an intetest level to see the species for that interest level:
Species Interest Level No of Species
80% 6
60% 13
40% 38
20% 70
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Phase 1 Habitat Classification No of Species
B: Grassland 33
H: Coastal 27
A: Woodland 22
E: Bog and Fen 14
J: Brownfield 11
D: Heath 9
C: Upland Habitats 6
F: Water Margin 5
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