Durlston Country Park

A stunning national nature reserve on the Purbeck coast south of Swanage.


Site Name Durlston Country Park
  • Dorset Council
  • National Nature Reserve
  • Site of Scientific Interest
County Dorset
More Information https://www.durlston.co.uk/
SSSI https://designatedsites.naturalengland.org.uk/SiteDetail.aspx?SiteCode=S1002501…
Site Projects Purbeck Coast
Durlston Country Park

Durlston Country Park: a national nature reserve -

I confess to being a little cynical about country parks! Those I have visited in the past tend not to be for nature but for people to let their children and their dogs run wild ... Durlston is not like that at all. It is a national nature reserve and worthy of the title in every respect. There are children, of course, but usually in well supervised school parties actively engaging with, and learning about, nature. There are dogs too but apart from a few locals who regularly walk their dogs and refuse to keep them on leads most dogs can be proud of their owners.

But Durlston is not about noisy children and rampaging dogs! Durlston has it all; dramatic sea cliffs and nesting sea birds, open natural limestone grassland with orchids and other delights, wonderful flower meadows that have to be seen to be believed, magnificent views, probably one of the best visitor centres in the country, I could go on and on and on. Durlston is a MUST for anyone visiting Dorset and I could, indeed, write pages and pages about it but I will not, I will just encourage you to go there and see it for yourself. There is something to see at any time of year but it can turn very muddy after prolonged wet spells to take care if you visit in winter.  

Durlston Country Park

50.596655206319, -1.9543949724095
Dorset Council, National Nature Reserve, Site of Scientific Interest
This table indicates how many species of each of five interest levels there are on this site. 100% are highly interesting species whereas 20% are common species that are of no specific interest. Click/tap an intetest level to see the species for that interest level:
Species Interest Level No of Species
100% 9
80% 23
60% 93
40% 151
20% 199
The number of species recorded per species group:
This is the number of species recorded on this site grouped by the Phase 1 habitat classification they are often associated with. It gives an overview of the type of habitats that MAY occur on this site. Click/tap a classification to see greater detail of the composition of habitat types within this class:
Phase 1 Habitat Classification No of Species
H: Coastal 46
B: Grassland 33
A: Woodland 26
E: Bog and Fen 21
D: Heath 20
J: Brownfield 19
F: Water Margin 12
C: Upland Habitats 6
I: Rock Exposure 1
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