Moreton Heath

Once Forestry Commission plantation this area is now being restored to Dorset heathland and is already showing positive signs of recovery.


Site Name Moreton Heath
  • Forestry
County Dorset
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Site Projects South Dorset
Moreton Heath

Moreton Heath

50.714984851946, -2.2745971318881
This table indicates how many species of each of five interest levels there are on this site. 100% are highly interesting species whereas 20% are common species that are of no specific interest. Click/tap an intetest level to see the species for that interest level:
Species Interest Level No of Species
80% 1
60% 5
40% 31
20% 80
Site Notables
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The number of species recorded per species group:
This is the number of species recorded on this site grouped by the Phase 1 habitat classification they are often associated with. It gives an overview of the type of habitats that MAY occur on this site. Click/tap a classification to see greater detail of the composition of habitat types within this class:
Phase 1 Habitat Classification No of Species
B: Grassland 31
A: Woodland 25
D: Heath 22
E: Bog and Fen 21
H: Coastal 20
J: Brownfield 9
F: Water Margin 6
C: Upland Habitats 4
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