American Skunk-cabbage

Common Name American Skunk-cabbage
Scientific Name Lysichiton americanus
Family Garden Escapes
Description An increasingly common and troublesome invasive species in wet and marshy habitats  


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This map shows the distribution of the species based on my records:

Luscombe Valley Local Nature Reserve

BCP Council, Local Nature Reserve, Site of Scientific Interest
This is the number of sites per recording area where I have found this species. Click/tap any area to see a list of the sites within that area:
Recording Area Number of Sites
BCP Reserves 1
The number of records for each month for this species; it gives an idea of the best time to see it (although for plants this does not necessarily mean it was in flower):
Month No of Records
05: May 1
These are the National Vegetation Classification codes associated with this species:
NVC Codes Description Phase 1 Categories Description