Annual Pearlwort

Common Name Annual Pearlwort
Scientific Name Sagina apetala
Family Campion Family Caryophyllaceae
Description A tiny, inconspicuous flower that is easily overlooked
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This map shows the distribution of the species based on my records:

Stephens Castle Local Nature Reserve

Dorset Council, Local Nature Reserve, Site of Scientific Interest

Slepe Heath

National Trust, Site of Scientific Interest

Middlebere Heath

National Trust, Site of Scientific Interest
This is the number of sites per recording area where I have found this species. Click/tap any area to see a list of the sites within that area:
Recording Area Number of Sites
East Dorset 1
Purbeck Heaths 2
The number of records for each month for this species; it gives an idea of the best time to see it (although for plants this does not necessarily mean it was in flower):
Month No of Records
06: June 1
These are the National Vegetation Classification codes associated with this species:
NVC Codes Description Phase 1 Categories Description