Barn Owl

Common Name Barn Owl
Scientific Name Tyto alba
Family Birds Owls

Sadly now a scarce and sedlom seen bird in Dorset.

Look For Ghostly white birds over rough pasture and downland at dusk
ID Notes

A very scarce bird in Dorset with limited reported sightings
Active at dusk hunting for small mammals 
Numbers possibly increased in winter by incoming migrant birds

This map shows the distribution of the species based on my records:

Tynham and Worbarrow Bay

Other Conservation Organisation, Site of Scientific Interest

Arne Nature Reserve

RSPB, Site of Scientific Interest

Middlebere Farm

National Trust

Haydon Hill Nature Reserve

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve

Dorset Wildlife Trust, Site of Scientific Interest
These are the National Vegetation Classification codes associated with this species:
NVC Codes Description Phase 1 Categories Description
These are the sites where I have found this species:
Site Notes Record Date Report Date
Arne Nature Reserve Nest here
Haydon Hill Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Middlebere Farm Present
Tynham and Worbarrow Bay Present