Red Kite

Common Name Red Kite
Scientific Name Milvus milvus
Family Birds Raptors

A vagrant species now being seen in Dorset more frequently.

Look For A soaring large bird with light patches on the underside of the wings that appears as if there are feathers missing
ID Notes

Whilst re-established as a breeding species in some parts of Britain the red kite does not yet breed in Dorset
Out of the breeding season they can be seen almost anywhere and a number are reported from Dorset each year
Although primarily carrion eaters they are persecuted by game keepers

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31-10-21 The Red Kite in Dorset
11-05-20 Reflections: 11th May 2020 - Flying a kite
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This map shows the distribution of the species based on my records:

Middlebere Farm

National Trust
These are the National Vegetation Classification codes associated with this species:
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These are the sites where I have found this species:
Site Notes Record Date Report Date
Middlebere Farm Vagrant